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SEO Frequently Asked Questions

Over 85% of users never pass the first page as the listings on page 1 (especially top 5) tend to capture attention and look more trustworthy to a customer searching for a business or a service. Therefore, it is quite simple why first page results are very competitive.
Just having a website is not enough. We take it a step further in some of our plans and we will research highly targeted keywords that your potential customers are using when they search for a cleaning company on GOOGLE. By implementing these keywords into your website design, we optimize the website for GOOGLE from the beginning to increase your traffic. Then with a powerful SEO strategy like our SEO service you can easily get ranked on the first page of GOOGLE for these keywords to be right in front of your customer’s eyeballs.
We optimize your title, keyword, alt, and description tags around your keywords to tell the search engines what your website and pages are about. Depending on the plan you order, each page will be highly optimized for keywords so that search engines like GOOGLE can index them, and rank them.
We don’t just optimize content for the search engines. We optimize images as well. People search for images all the time online and by optimizing your images you increase your chances of receiving more website traffic from search engines like GOOGLE. Plus GOOGLE likes image optimization since it provides great value for website visitors if an image doesn’t show up.
We submit your website to popular web directories to get it listed. This provides valuable backlinks, and other places where potential customers can find your business online.
We submit your website to social bookmarking sites and channels to increase your cleaning business exposure online. Again providing great backlinks for your website.
We write a unique articles about your cleaning business around your specific keywords and submit it to article directories to increase your exposure and backlinks.
We service all types of cleaning businesses including but not limited to commercial, residential, industrial, retail, and more… Everything from the regular cleaning services, to window cleaning, furniture cleaning, drapery cleaning, maid services, duct cleaning, construction cleaning, and floor cleaning just to name a few. If you own a cleaning business, WE CAN RANK IT… is a global company, and we service clients worldwide.
Before we begin your campaign, the first step involves one of our specialists contacting you to confirm and discuss your keywords and perform your website on-page analysis. The time frame for ranking will depend on your keyword selection, and the competition. Some of our customers rank on the 1st page in less then 24 hours, and others require 6 months. Each campaign will be different and unique so no set time can be provided. If you have any questions or need clarifications about our SEO service, please contact us directly.
Yes we do. Once you become a member you will have access to your own private dashboard to track your rankings with our service, and review the everything from analytics, to your backlink campaign. Our system is state of the art and one of the best features we provide our members worldwide.
This depends on the competition of your keywords as well as external factors such as Google’s changes in algorithm for which we do not control. However the key to maintaining a high search engine ranking is a long term SEO strategy like one of our plans because this allows us to make changes as the algorithms change so your website remains up to date.
Yes we will require access to your site and server to make on page changes and keep your site up to date with on page algorithm changes by search engines. If you have a site administrator and don’t want to provide us access this is fine as well. Simply provide us with their contact details and we can send the instructions to them to make the changes. If your website is hosted and managed by us, you don’t have to worry about this as we already have access.
All of our payments are processed via PayPal.

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