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Promo Video Frequently Asked Questions

Before we begin designing and creating your video our team of writers will write a script for your voiceover based on the information you provide us when you order. If you have your own script we can use that too. Just advise the team member that contacts you. Once your script is finished we will send it to you for approval before we record your video voiceover.
All promo videos are 60 – 90 seconds in length.
Once your script is approved by you we send it to one of our voiceover specialists for recording in a professional studio.
All videos are created in HD 1080P so that they are great to view both online or offline. Some of our customers have used their video in TV ad spots and you can do the same with our high quality HD videos.
Revisions are only provided if the mistake or error is on our part. We keep you involved in the process to minimize revisions and added costs.
We use stock images that really make your video stand out. We will also design images if we need too.
Music is provided as a background to the voiceover. Some customers like it, and others don’t want music. You can choose if you want it or not!
All videos are usually completed within 10-30 days.
Here at CleaningSeo we do not provide refunds for videos. Since you have complete input in the creation of the video no refunds provided. We take instructions from you and create exactly what you ask for.
All of our payments are processed via PayPal. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact us directly.

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