How To Market Your Cleaning Business Online

Have you been trying to grow your cleaning business or looking for ways to generate more cleaning contracts or customers online?

Are you tired of throwing your money away for false promising advertising opportunities that never deliver a return on investment?

If you are, pay close attention!

The truth is there are no short cuts to success no matter what type of business you’re running even more so in the cleaning industry which is extremely competitive.

But that never stops people from trying!

Time and time again we are amazed at some of the story’s we hear from clients when they first come on board of some of the ridiculous waste of marketing dollars they have thrown away.

The difference between successful cleaning businesses and everyone else is without a doubt long term marketing vision. These businesses market with a purpose!

They know their industry!

They know what it costs to get a client!

They know what it costs to retain a client!

And they know what it costs to keep their cleaning business front and centre instead of their competitors. They make an investment in this and no matter what they never lose their focus on this one point ever!

The best way to do this has always been through local search engine marketing.

Think about it for a second?

When a local company needs a new cleaning service for their office, what do you think they’re going to do first to find one?

That’s right they will search GOOGLE!

And the cleaning companies that show up on the first page for whatever keyword this customer searched will more then likely have the best chance at getting this customer.

This is why its of the upmost importance for you to set aside a monthly SEO budget to rank your website on the first page of search engines.

You need to make sure the budget is there every month no matter what. SEO is a long-term game and the big boys have all set aside a monthly budget to not only get them to the first page, but keep them there.

Trying SEO for a few months is a waste of time and money. You can forget rankings if this is your approach, and ever worse you might get your website banned or penalized.

Short term SEO strategies don’t work because they use black hat methods that are not natural and search engines like GOOGLE know this. Once they pick up on it you can kiss your site and money goodbye.

So, if you’re serious about an online marketing strategy that works, you need to consider a good monthly SEO campaign.

This way you can target the customer you want, in the areas you want, for the business you want!

Highly targeted, and highly profitable!

This is by far the best return on marketing dollars long term even if it takes you a few months to start seeing results.

Remember if you get rankings too fast its probably because something shady was done and it’s only a matter of time before you site is banned or penalized.

Good SEO takes time but once you’re there, you have the best chance at long term success!

Don’t believe me?

Perform a search right now for office cleaning in your local market. Do so again in 30, 60, 90, 120, days and you will see that for the most part it’s the same cleaning companies that appear 75% of the time.

They only practice good SEO and aren’t afraid to invest top dollar in it because they know all it takes is one good cleaning contract and their entire online marketing budget will now be paid for by the profits that contract generates making everything else after this gravy!

So, in short, set aside a monthly SEO budget and stick to it for a minimum of 6-12 months. This will allow you enough time to see results and once you get your first account from it, maintaining and affording it becomes much easier.



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